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Tri-Valley School Distrist Real Estate

The Tri-Valley School District is an ECE-12 district located in Downs, approximately 8 miles southeast of Bloomington-Normal. The district is the product of the 1962 consolidation of the Downs and Ellsworth School Districts and is approximately 100 square miles in size. District student enrollment is 1043. The enrollment has been increasing steadily at a rate of approximately 3.5% over the past 10 years. The District employs 85 certified staff members and an additional 55 staff members who are non-certified.

Over the years, the Tri-Valley School District has gone through many changes. When the Downs and Ellsworth School Districts consolidated, Tri-Valley was predominantly a rural area with agriculture as the primary economic factor. The development of large, rural subdivisions between Downs and Bloomington-Normal has dramatically changed the demographics of the district over the past 15-20 years. Tri-Valley has become an area populated by a large number of middle to upper income families, many of whom are associated with State Farm Insurance Company. State Farm’s Corporate Headquarters and Illinois Regional Office are located on the southeast corner of Bloomington and access from the Tri-Valley subdivisions is quick and easy. While agriculture is still an important factor in the Tri-Valley School District, there is no question that State Farm Insurance is a major influence on District growth and resources.

The growth of the District and the changing demographics created by the growth have strengthened the district in many ways. The increased number of students has allowed Tri-Valley to expand the number of programs offered. The new homes have increased the local tax base and provided the District with additional revenues. Families moving into the Tri-Valley School District often cite the schools as one of the main reasons for relocation. This attitude is reflected in the number of parents who take an active role in their children’s education.